Kelly Goss Artist

Kelly Goss – Nomadic Artist

Lover of travel, urban art, street food and amazing coffee


I was born in Zambia, central Africa and I spent much of my youth growing up surrounded by my pets, nature and wildlife. I learnt to paint and draw animals at a young age and continued to develop my passion over the years. My love of animals directed me to study for a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Microbiology in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2001, I moved to the United Kingdom and I have been here ever since.


I have kept my love and passion for art and animals alive by undertaking commissions of wildlife art and pet portraits. My creation of African wildlife art helps me to remember the beautiful country I spent my youth in. I have also expanded my artistic interests by experimenting with various other forms of art.


Art and Passion

Most of my art is of African wildlife, birds and pet dogs. Occasionally, I experiment with abstract art and still life paintings. As I love to travel, I often create landscape sketches of famous landmarks as a memory of where I have visited.


 Acrylics and pastels are my medium of choice for most of my art work. However, I recently started experimenting with chicken wire, mixed media (using textured gels and sand) and spray paints. I have also started to incorporate the use of recycled materials such as cloth, cardboard and newspaper in my art. Furthermore, I plan to learn how to weld in the near future, so that I can start making life-size sculptures of wildlife.


Art and Travel

I have taken my art on the road in the United Kingdom and Europe. I will be writing about my projects, art collaborations and latest artistic adventures on my Art News blog roll. Details of my pop-up galleries will be listed in my events & exhibitions.

Donations to charity: 5% of final sale transaction is donated to charity.

 I also write a travel blog, Gregarious Gecko, to share my overall travel experiences with others.


“Knowledge of each other, not of the flesh but through the flesh, knowledge of self, the real him, the real her, in extremis, the mask slipped from the face…”
from playwright Tom Stoppard’s 1982 play The Real Thing