"The Fancy Cockerel" - acrylics on board - Kelly Goss Art
"The Fancy Cockerel" abstract art - acrylics on board - Kelly Goss Art
“The Fancy Cockerel” abstract art – acrylics


“The Fancy Cockerel” abstract art – Acrylics on board

“The Fancy Cockerel” is a dreamy, shimmering abstract interpretation of a proud cockerel. I have often seen cockerels strutting their stuff around their territory. Their colourful tail feathers glimmering in the sunlight. This fancy chap is no different.

I painted him during an “Animals in Speed Acrylics” art workshop run by Tindalls  Art & Crafts in Newmarket. The workshop was tutored by Lois Cordelia, a local artist. Lois demonstrated many useful and interesting techniques. A few things that stuck in my mind were: to paint from the shoulder; to use long purposeful brush strokes and not to overwork the painting.

I broke away from my usual painting style – I  used bright and shimmering colours, while using the coloured board as a means to extenuate features. I went wild with my favourite painting tool – the palette knife. Fun, fun, fun!

Size: 19 x 27” – 480 x 700 mm (framed)


“The Fancy Cockerel”

Original art work of “The Fancy Cockerel” abstract art

  • NOT FOR SALE: Sorry! The original painting of the “The Fancy Cockerel” is not available for purchase!

Prints of “The Fancy Cockerel” abstract art

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Art Commissions

  • Bespoke Commissions: If you would like me to produce another painting of a cockerel or another type of bird, please have a look at my Bespoke Art Commissions information


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