"Fireball" Abstract - acrylics on canvas - Kelly Goss Art
"Fireball" Abstract - acrylics on canvas - Kelly Goss Art
“Fireball” abstract – acrylics


“Fireball” abstract art – Acrylics on canvas

“Fireball” is a bright and energetic abstract painting depicting a burst of fire and flames.

Some time ago, I painted a few canvases each with primary colours only. I wanted to prepare some backgrounds for the next stage of the painting.  I ended up with a plain red background that I later added a few black streaks to. The painting just wasn’t gelling with me. With some of my art, there is no plan, I paint what comes to me; it’s generally spontaneous and chaotic. That plain red and black canvas that became “Fireball” was no different. “Fireball” is a mixture of red, black, yellow and white paints.

SIZE: 18 x 14″ – 450 x 350 mm


“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist



Original art work of “Fireball” abstract

FOR SALE: Good news! You can purchase the original, signed, ready to hang art work of “Fireball” through my shop. Art work on canvas can be hung without framing.

Fireball – Acrylics on canvas 18 x 14″

Prints of “Fireball” abstract

Art Commissions

  • Bespoke Commissions: If you would like me to produce another abstract painting, please have a look at my Bespoke Art Commissions information