"Escape" - Eagle - CirculART Trail - Kelly Goss Art

“Escape” by Kelly Goss

Size: 140 x 80 cm

Materials: Recycled newspaper, cardboard, hardboard with PVA glue and acrylics

Display Location: RSCPA charity shop, Burleigh Street

Price: This artwork is FOR SALE on a closed bidding system.  I will donate the final sale price – 50% to RSPCA, 50% to Cambridge Carbon Footprint

I produced “Escape” for a special project combining art/ craft and upcycling. Twenty artists will be exhibiting their upcycled creations in 21 charity shops in and around Cambridge, as organised by Circular Cambridge (part of the charity Cambridge Carbon Footprint – CCF). Circular Cambridge runs specific events to promote recycling, upcycling and repurposing of materials in the local area. Further information about CirculART is on Circular Cambridge website and trail maps can be picked up at all the participating charity shops. The trail will run from 8th June to 8th July 2016.

My location is Cambridge RSPCA, Burleigh Street, where the charity shop have kindly offered me the use of a large display window. The art work will be available for purchase on a closed bidding system (please email me for more details: kellykgoss@gmail.com). The sale price will be split equally and 50% donated to RSCPA and 50% to CCF.

"Escape" - Eagle - CirculART Trail - Kelly Goss Art
“Escape” – Eagle – CirculART Trail


About “Escape”:

I grew up in Zambia (central Africa). Time and time again I saw (as I was growing up) and still see (when I return to visit family), the effect that pollution and lack of recycling have had on the local environment. Plastic bottles and caps, bags, general waste – all littered across the landscape. In the long term, this will affect populations of indigenous wildlife, some of which are not in protected areas like national parks. With my piece for CirculART, I wanted to promote recyling and environmental impacts; and create something that highlighted my love of travel and wildlife. “Escape” is a collage of places from around the world with a 3D piece of a bird of prey flying above. I have used recycled cardboard and newspaper for the main picture, held together with PVA glue. The entire structure has been mounted on a frame made from recycled hardboard pieces (kindly donated by Slade Farm Equestrian, Burwell). The nails, screws and bolts used to secure the art to the frame, and the small amount of acrylic paint used, have been purchased (and not recycled).

Making "Escape" for CirculART - Kelly Goss Art
Making “Escape” for CirculART
Frame for "Escape" - CirculART - Kelly Goss Art
Frame for “Escape” – CirculART
Newspaper for "Escape" - CirculART - Kelly Goss Art
Newspaper for “Escape” – CirculART








"Escape" - 140 x 80cm - mixed recycled media - Kelly Goss Art
“Escape” – 140 x 80cm – made from mixed recycled media – CirculART Trail 2016


I am proud to be involved with the CirculART event and show my work by collaborating with a local animal charity shop, RSPCA who have kindly offered display space. CirculART is such a novel idea to promote recycling and upcycling through the passion of artistic creations.

Special thanks to Jenny and the CCF team for organising the event, and RSCPA for offering the display space.