Sketch of the Vltava River, Prague - Kelly Goss
Sketch of the Vltava River, Prague - Kelly Goss
Vltava River, Prague – ink on paper

Vltava River, Prague sketch – ink on paper

I remember visiting Prague in the autumn in 2015. It was my third visit that year and so far I had experienced Prague in every season except for the winter. I sat in a cafe in a park on the bank of the Vltava River. My legs were wrapped in a maroon blanket, keeping out the chilly river breeze. My hands warmed as I grasped a small cup of coffee filled with much needed caffeine for that early morning.  The river flowed elegantly and boats drifted with her. Leaves were turning red and yellow, hanging on to the tree desperately. Some gently floated down with a gust of wind, settling on the river’s waters, only to be carried away downstream. What I saw before me was beautiful and peaceful and serene.

I made this sketch as I sat at the side of the river that morning, taking in every moment.


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Size: 4 x 5.75” – 105 x 145 mm (framed – 5.75 x 7.75” – 150 x 200 mm)

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Vltava River sketch

Original art work of the Vltava River sketched with ink

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Vltava River, Prague – Ink on paper 4 x 5.75″

Prints of the Vltava River sketched with ink

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