Sketch of the Limmat River, Zurich - Kelly Goss
Sketch of the Limmat River, Zurich - Kelly Goss
Limmat River, Zurich – ink on paper

Limmat River, Zurich sketch – ink on paper

I have wonderful memories from Zurich. My brother and his wife celebrated their union here in July 2015. They were surrounded by friends and family who travelled from around the world to enjoy the occasion with them. It was ofcourse, the perfect time to spend a few days exploring and to see what beautiful Zurich had to offer. This sketch was done from a photograph taken near my second floor apartment overlooking the Limmat River.

You can read about Zurich on my travel blog: Gregarious Gecko (Keine Haie in der Limmat, Zurich)

Size: 4 x 5.75” – 105 x 145 mm (framed – 5.75 x 7.75” – 150 x 200 mm)


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” 

Dr. Seuss


Limmat River sketch

Original art work of the Limmat River sketched with ink

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Limmat River, Zurich – Ink on paper 4 x 5.75″


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