Rosewood - acrylics on canvas - Kelly Goss
Rosewood - acrylics on canvas - Kelly Goss
“Rosewood” – acrylics

“Rosewood” abstract art – acrylics on canvas

“Rosewood” is an abstract painting with pink, bronze, yellow and white tints made with acrylic paints on canvas. One of my first pieces of abstract art. A bit of fun to create and something that started without a specific objective. It doesn’t really have a meaning or a purpose. It just is.


SIZE: 18 x 14″ – 450 x 350 mm


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” 



Original art work of “Rosewood” abstract

FOR SALE: Good news! You can purchase the original, signed, ready to hang art piece of “Rosewood” through my shop. Art work on canvas can be hung without framing.

Rosewood – Acrylics on canvas 18 x 14″


Prints of “Rosewood” abstract

Art Commissions

  • Bespoke Commissions: If you would like me to produce another abstract painting, please have a look at my Bespoke Art Commissions information